2022 - detonation

wheelthrown and formed, manipulated, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware objects

- patients, fillers.
a game of symbio-parasitical metamorphosis.

the body as hole.

look behind. the syringe in your medulla.
invert yourself. turn the cannons.
Exit !1radicalism.

the holed body. -

'the vacuum remains: you stand in midcourse, shocked by the discovery, and those of you who yearn desperately for the sweet unawareness of the cultural house of bondage cry out to return there, to the sources, but you cannot go back, your retreat is cut off, the bridges burned, so you must go forward' Golem XIV

exit ∀: ¬metallicity, 2021
s/a-il(i)ent ∞-cyto, 2021
the choked up multiplying complexity, 2021
nucleus of maybes, 2021

injection padrES9794, 2020
480V trypofiller, 2020
the holy see drops, 2020
encrusted doctrine machine, 2021

perforatwist fillers 2.0:
catabolistic selfcontamination, 2020
holest(-ed) annie(hilation), 2021