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2023 - brave demokratin (click)
9 handbuilt clay tablets with sequences out of german punk songs of mainly the 80s

we know the incest of greek gods, the diseases of egyptian pharaoh children and the perversions of european royal houses. we know nothing about the sub-. at the same time it is the other way around. these clay tablets do not belong here. they serve for nothing but undeserved selfglorification.

2022 - in(-)ter(-ra)human liquid (click)
handbuilt, multiple glazed and multiple fired ceramic objects

swelling, dripping, pounding
bodily (-) fluid – natrium, silica, iron
                   tears, magma, earthscore
internal bleeding - break through the skin
interstellar intrazellular
body - solidified in flow
fossilization, mineralization, carbonization

2022 - detonation (click)
wheelthrown and formed, manipulated, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware objects

patients, fillers.
a game of symbio-parasitical metamorphosis.

the body as hole.

look behind. the syringe in your medulla.
invert yourself. turn the cannons.
Exit !1radicalism.

the holed body.

'the vacuum remains: you stand in midcourse, shocked by the discovery, and those of you who yearn desperately for the sweet unawareness of the cultural house of bondage cry out to return there, to the sources, but you cannot go back, your retreat is cut off, the bridges burned, so you must go forward' Golem XIV

2022 - sek(/c)rets of capitalism (societys' underground street trash breed) (click)

wheelthrown, manipulated, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware vessels

a sekret is a substance released by individual cells that -in contrast to an exkret- fulfill a specific function. the sekret is secreted automatically through the autonomic nervous system as well as through feedback mechanisms, some of which involve hormones

( I once installed these objects in the old cellar of the house i live in, built 1901. this cellar is dark, dirty and full of spiders; it just has the earth as ground and raw bricks as walls. There is one tiny air shaft to the big city street above. You hear the sound of cars and people talking while walking by. some waste is laying on the ground right under the shaft. Sometimes there's a cigarette falling down the bright little hole, smashing the darkness.

this scene, together with the scene of jim muros 'street trash' where a man is melting while sitting on a toilet, melting himself down the toilet, are building the objects.)

2021 - 20post’wares’20 (click)
wheelthrown, manipulated, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware coffee- and teabowls

green t/d-rip to heaven and hell: 15 pieces 
blue t/d-rip to heaven and hell: 19 pieces

Post apocalyps’: the abandoned factories – liberated from the monotony of mass production – develop a spirit and, thus, herald a new era of the possible and the impossible. Coffee, the epitome of earlier meritocracies, in which a farce of cosiness was layed on forced activation, now flows only within the mechanical, transformed body. To liquid as a solid shell, as a perfect symbiosis of entrance and exit, as mutual penetration within closed walls, the postwares are producing. The coffee house, once the activation site of the most modern automats, autonomises from its shards and becomes, in the body of a smoky factory building, a post-apocalyptic coffee house.

2021 - imago in utero (click) 
wheelthrown, manipulated/destroyed, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware cups/cells 

we are carried in several flight jumps or in free flight one by one into the cells made of dried mud. Inside the cell, the paralysis toxin reduces our circulation and thus our oxygen consumption, which preserves our bodies for a while. We continue to breathe. Due to the anaesthesia, we are immobilised apart from occasional vibrations of the legs. Once there are several of us in the cell, an egg is laid into before it is sealed with mud. The egg is attached to one of us with a colourless secretion. Using the mouthparts on its head capsule, the larva begins to burrow into our bodies and starts to suck them up, reaching more and more of our body substance by digging and absorbing. The larva usually eats all of us before pupating. The pupa consists of a slightly fragile retina, is initially white and has colourless extremities. Later, it becomes increasingly reddish brown, which is closer to the colouration of the imagines. After successful pupation, the imago bites open the cell and leaves. Those of us that are not eaten dry out and die.