Ceramics / Sculpture                                                                                         


2022 - sek(/c)rets of capitalism (societys' underground street trash breed)

wheelthrown, manipulated, multiple glazed and multiple fired stoneware vessels

a sekret is a substance released by individual cells that -in contrast to an exkret- fulfill a specific function. the sekret is secreted automatically through the autonomic nervous system as well as through feedback mechanisms, some of which involve hormones.

( I once installed these objects in the old cellar of the house i live in, built 1901. this cellar is dark, dirty and full of spiders; it just has the earth as ground and raw bricks as walls. There is one tiny air shaft to the big city street above. You  hear the sound of cars and people talking while walking by. some waste is laying on the ground right under the shaft. Sometimes there's a cigarette falling down the bright little hole, smashing the darkness.

this scene, together with the scene of jim muros 'street trash' where a man is melting while sitting on a toilet, melting himself down the toilet, are building the objects. )